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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My blog nominated for the best Non-English blog by Morocco Blogs

If there's the well known Maroc Blog Awards aka MBA that I hadn't yet the chance to be nominated (Sigh), I was very happy to learn my blog was nominated by Morocco Blogs in the "best Non-English Moroccan blog" category for this year.

For the moment, few people voted my blog. I wish that more readers who thinks that my blog is worthy to win decide to vote. Until February 7th, ou can vote for me here under "Mouad".

S'il y a le célèbre Maroc Blogs Awards connu sous MBA auquel je n'ai pas réussi à être nominé, j'ai été content d'apprendre que mon blog a été nominé dans la catégorie "Meilleur blog marocain non-anglophone" par Morocco Blogs pour cette année.

Pour le moment, peu de personne ont voté pour moi. J'espère que les lecteurs qui pensent que mon blog mérite de gagner le prix voteront pour moi. Vous pouvez voter jusqu'au 7 février ici.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Panique/Panic (Short film)

Long time ago I missed making short movies. I still some in my head but I have to find time.

Ok, here's my latest work if I dare to say. The question is: why he protagonist looks worried and tries to make low profil and in the end runs? I hope you'll love the film.

Oh, here a bonus. No comment ;-)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 is begining

First of all: happy new year 2011. What to say? Some spent the night partying with friends or family and others prefered to stay at home watching TV & eating pastries. This time, I couldn't join my family and I was exhausted by the load of work. Too bad. At least, I will rest this weekend.

About resolutions, there are many of them in my mind but which percentage I'll apply is the big unknown. Let me show you some:

  • Working harder at job: keeping it trying but what's hidding in 2011?  ;
  • Buying a car: I hope this time my savings will be enough ;
  • Traveling abroad: Why not. But let see if I have enough money. Oh you read the resolution before, so there's competition ;
  • Doing sport: Ok, enough from mocking at me because of my big belly. But doing what? Laziness is my ennemy ;
  • Revising Japanese: I think it's time to take things more seriously. Latest time I saw my former colleagues at Japanese course, some of them made big progress and even one of them had the chance to visit Japan in a program. & to find a beautiful Japanese girl, it's a must.
There are others but I prefer to keep it for myself. If I succeed to do them, I can be happy.

Let's hope the begining of 2011 will be good (And with silly people blasting a car in front of a church in Alexandria and clashes happened later aren't good signs :-( ) and a sign of big changes and success.