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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A small letter from a man..

This post is a small contribution to Kolena Leila

Question: How does a woman feel when a man or group of men are watching her walking, driving or wating outside? Sometimes, as a man and a male, I feel very embarassed the way some men I know or I see are behaving when talking about women as if their main function is to answer to their hungry physical or mental libido. In the same time, they blame her for many things: going outside without shame & wearing clothes that doesn't "respect" herself: at only-men meeting anywhere at job or café, in hateful tapes, CD & now audio/video files of so-called preachers who, claiming protecting women from evils (West & Modernists), should stay at home or going with a man?!! I owe to my mother who, after the prematured death of dad, sacrified herself to raise us & to have all we need & my maternal aunts who didn't marry just to take care of us & later of grandma. Education & ethics in which I believe came from them & thanking them won't be enough whatever I do. Those silly men should think twice. As they say they protect their female members under claim of "virility", "honor" or whatelse, so they're supposed to respect others.

So, someone will say I'm strange as I'm not interested in seeing beautiful women. Ok, I have to confess that I ignore as if anyone was walking but it's difficult when a girl is in mini skirt or boots or anything else. In spite of that, I won't allow myself to harass her. Understand as you want, I try to be as gentelman as possible. & as an a gauche & I don't have any girlfriend (Am I supposed to say that?), believe me, frustration makes way to tentation. Such a danger!

So, men, please: have a respect for women.