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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ramadan 1436: Documentaire "Mémoires d'immigrés"

C'est un superbe documentaire réalisé par Yamina Benguigui en 1997. Il est divisé en 3 parties : les pères partis travailler en France, les mères qui les ont rejoints et les enfants qui essaient de trouver leur place.

Il est ancien mais encore d'actualité. Bon spectacle. Ah oui, c'est en intégralité.


Ramadan 1436 : The tragi-comic tale of Rebecca Arthur and Simo El Adala

As you noticed, this post is in English. It's essentially destinated to Americans as their media are coverning the story I'll talk about at the speed of the snail. Sorry.

The mother of all the funk began early this morning. While checking a well known local pure player, I fell on this story: A teenage girl, Rebecca Arthur, left Connecticut by plane to Morocco while she pretended to her parents that she'll go to California. When her mother failed to get a call from her, parents called police to seek for her. My first reflex was to make a check in US media. It was confirmed. I was asking myself whether American lambdas would think of the worst especially when you think of films and series episodes showing Americans going abroad as tourists as being under treath (The Simpsons' episode "The Crepes of Wrath" and the movie "Taken" are just examples that came in my mind). Some media, without any exageration, were in alert mode (Fox News style if I dare)

Later during the day, a Moroccan pure player in English talked with a jounalist in a local radio who confirmed that Rebecca was safe in Morocco and was with her FB boyfriend and his family spending their time in Essaouira. It showed also a document depicted as an authorisation from her mother to go abroad (Some claim that it was actually forged). Another Moroccan media talked to the boyfriend Mohamed El Adala AKA Simo El Adala with Rebecca Arthur next to him. He said that her parents were informed of her destination and that a friend of her was behind telling to Rebecca's mother that she could be abducted. The reason, as claimed by the boy, is that she was refused by Rebecca to follow her to Morocco. Strangely, this version wasn't told in US media. While spending their time in Essaouira, they heard of the news and there was such a panic that they came back to Casablanca.

The story could stop here as Rebecca wanted to stay in Morocco for 2 weeks with her boyfriend and his family. Tonight, the same pure player wrote that American consulate would repatriate Rebecca to her country due to leaving the country without authorisation as she was still minor for some months (She is 17 years old). Basing on the article, she could come back to Morocco once she'll be 18 and the boyfriend could even get some simplifications to go to USA to meet her girlfriend.

No idea about what will happen after that. All I wish is that they won't suffer from this adventure and that Americans would be more curious to know about a country called Morocco that maybe have never of before or have simplistic if not erroneous image. My advice: Travel more and watch less.