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Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 is begining

First of all: happy new year 2011. What to say? Some spent the night partying with friends or family and others prefered to stay at home watching TV & eating pastries. This time, I couldn't join my family and I was exhausted by the load of work. Too bad. At least, I will rest this weekend.

About resolutions, there are many of them in my mind but which percentage I'll apply is the big unknown. Let me show you some:

  • Working harder at job: keeping it trying but what's hidding in 2011?  ;
  • Buying a car: I hope this time my savings will be enough ;
  • Traveling abroad: Why not. But let see if I have enough money. Oh you read the resolution before, so there's competition ;
  • Doing sport: Ok, enough from mocking at me because of my big belly. But doing what? Laziness is my ennemy ;
  • Revising Japanese: I think it's time to take things more seriously. Latest time I saw my former colleagues at Japanese course, some of them made big progress and even one of them had the chance to visit Japan in a program. & to find a beautiful Japanese girl, it's a must.
There are others but I prefer to keep it for myself. If I succeed to do them, I can be happy.

Let's hope the begining of 2011 will be good (And with silly people blasting a car in front of a church in Alexandria and clashes happened later aren't good signs :-( ) and a sign of big changes and success.


مغربية said...

happy new year mouad

Anonymous said...

I think most important resolution for you must be : a GIRLFRIEND :)

Medmouad said...

Thank you. :))

Wish I could. I'm so clumsy with women in dating topic.

Vago said...

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