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Sunday, November 07, 2010

From my new Ipod Touch

Here is the first footage from my new latest Apple Ipod Touch uploaded. It was filmed from my balcony this week by night. I wish to thank a Twitter friend to bring it from USA where it's more cheaper than in Morocco where Apple dealers look like car dealers in USA. :D

I'm expecting to exploit it for footage outside. But I have to buy a protection skin and be careful from thieves.

Enjoy the clip.


xoussef said...

Quite nice! bse7a
Way outside my budget right now, and even if I could, the poor thing won't survive long... long and fruitful life to yours ^^

EL GORDE Mohamed Mouâd said...

Thanks a lot :)
Until now, I don't dare to usually go outside with it. So fragile & thieves are hiding for the best moment. I still learn how to use it.
I hope you'll get yours soon :))