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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gaza: my point of view

If Kafka didn't die of pneumonia and could have a very long life to see what's going on Gaza, maybe he'll find that it's more kafkaian than his books. Thanks God that his spiritual son is following the events from another (and original) side. Good luck for him in the Moroccan Blog Awards of this year!

Now, it's more than 3 weeks I see and hear what's going on on radio, Internet (Especially BBC Arabic Service and France 24, Al Jazeera less and online newspapers) and, less, TV as I don't have yet satellite dish in my new appartment. What to say? I'm wondering who is/are the winner in this latest silly episod of a conflict aged of more than 100 years (Since the apparition of laic Zionism inEurope using Judaism as covert). More than 1 thousands of people, most of them civilians and especially kids whose accusation is being in the bad place in the bad times. Many civilian places were bombarded and even hospitals, schools (especially UNRWA managed ones or the American one) weren't safe. I didn't know that UNRWA, Red Cross & Crescent, Caritas and other NGOs working there became on a secret black list of terrorist organisations. Unless IDF soldiers and conscripts were teached to shot and then ask and to see anyone Palestinian as a potential risk even a doctor, an old woman with a white flag or kids. "Palestinians are born with a bomb in their body". Like if in the Palestinian side, the equivalent is: "Israelis are born with a rifle in their hand".

Another question: Is Israelis politicians and military and, by extension, anyone who supported the IDF (Maybe it's preferable to say IOF: Israeli Offensive Forces) are aware the consequences of their act? Blocus, check-points, the wasted-money-and-land silly wall supposed to protect Israel and other actions supposed to awaken Hamas (Ironically, it was supported a while by Mossad to distabilise laic Fatah in 80s)...makes him stronger and has more respect (Real respct or fear, I have to be there to know) from people inside and outside Gaza. I would like to ask people living in Sderot and other areas touched by qassam prehistoric rockets if the casualities caused by these rockets (tens of dead and wonded people and damaged proprieties) justify to erase an area from map and kill people with tank shells and white phosphore weapons on the ground that a Hamas guy is among them. If everybody is stressed and afraid for his life, what is the difference between Israelis who, once an attack real or supposed is announced, go to shelters and have gas masks and supplies (I heard before that some are angry because there isn't enough!) and Palestinians whose struggle is to survive while there is no where to hide?

Now, another generation of both Palestinians and Israelis is becoming radical each against other. Peace process is collapsed as before Madrid process in 1991. The only winners are radicalists from both side who have more supporters for elections (Israeli side) and resistance (Hamas side). The biggest losers are civilians.

I'm tired from writing. I have a lot of ideas but I don't know how to put. So, I'm waiting for discussion from you.


une marocaine said...

La paix Israél ne l'a jamais voulu ! Comme l'a dit stephane Hessel.
Ce n'est pas en bafouant le droit international et en imposant leur logique aux forceps qu'on instaure la paix. C'est ce qu'a fait Israél depuis sa création.
Avec ce carnage baptisé "plomb durci" Israél vient de lancer les bases d'au moins deux générations de palestiniens... objectif complétement atteint. Car il ne faut pas se leurrer c'était l'un des vrais objectifs.

EL GORDE Mohamed Mouâd said...

Tant que certains pays occidentaux, par complaisance, indifférence, ignorance ou culpablilité (le cas allemand), ne disent pas basta ou, plus radical, font un boycott à Israel comme ce fut avec l'Afrique du sud à l'ère de l'Apartheid, l'Etat voyou fera ce qu'il veut.
Si les juifs morts lors du Holocaust voyaient ce que se fait en leur nom, ils retourneront vite vers leurs tombes.
Pour améliorer les choses, Hamas se dit gagnant, tout comme le Tsahal. De quelle victoire parlent-ils?!

Reb said...

J'ai décidé de modifier l'orientation de mes études vers un sujet qui semble avoir plus d''intérêt pour la communauté marocaine de blogueur - la liberté d'expression et les droits de l'homme Le nouveau sondage sur la Blogoma est disponible au lien suivant:

Ca ne devrait pas vous prendre plus de 15 minutes. Vous avez jusqu'au 16 Mars pour le finir. Merci!

une marocaine said...

Excellente question ?
Pour le reste je suis d'accord avec toi.