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Friday, September 14, 2007

Mendiants subsahariens à Rabat Subsaharian beggars in Rabat

C'est bien triste de voir les chercheurs de l'Eldorado Européen tomber dans le piège marocain.
Too sad to see people seeking for the European Eldorado falling in the Moroccan trap.


xoussef said...

sub-Saharan is a more accurate word i think because you know, we, Moroccans are are Africans too.

and yes that's sad indeed. and unfortunately we have enough to deal with our own poverty and Eldorado seeking fools to properly care of foreigners.

EL GORDE Mohamed Mouâd said...

I agree with you. Although I knew the term "Sub saharian", but I didn't think about using this word while writing the post. Maybe you noticed I wrote 3 posts in the same day and it was the first day of fasting.
I'll try to correct ASAP. Except that, I am very sad and ashamed to see them asking for food or money using many ways, even using words used by Morocan beggars. I think you had dealed with a case like that.