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Saturday, August 21, 2010

When some Moroccans were scandalized by a Kuwaiti 3D animation episode...

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Update August 24th 2010: Al Watan TV made apologies to Moroccans for the infamous episode. Read here.

Yesterday, I found a tweet talking about an episode of "Bu Qutada & Bu Nabeel", a 3D cartoon show  broadcasted by Al Watan TV (Check details here in Arabic). It reminds me of the Emirati hit "Freej". In the episodes 7 & 8, main events are depicted in Morocco. By curiosity I clicked the 8th one & watched it on YouTube. So, what's the controversy?

For me, maybe Moroccan women topic was the main reason why some Moroccan netizens were angry against the cartoon (A simple check on Youtube & Co of videos of girls dancing in front of Khaliji-look-alike men is sufficient). Until now, I found 2 posts (here and here both in French) adding to 2 Facebbok groups asking for appoligies (Here and here in Arabic).Women honor is such a hot stuff that for some insulting is the best way to provoke others to a war of words (Sigh). Morocco, in addition to Lebanon, is a favorite sexual tourism place for tourists from Gulf. Girls are one of main reasons & it's a "secret de polichinelle", especially in Agadir. Some thinks that Khaliji tourists are full of petrodollar to waste & want to have fun, whatever they're rude in their behavours. So, I'm not surprised when I hear or read stories of some Moroccan girls entering to prostitution ring dedicated to Khaliji clients or others try by all means to marry with them. I should mention the silly way of some Khaliji tourists to woo Moroccan women in streets (I heard that happens sometimes in a well known café specialized in ice cream in Maarif area, Casablanca as elsewhere). So, I have pity for Khaliji women when pretending that Moroccan women are husbands-eaters & don't hesitate to use black witchcraft for that (As if they don't use it. My eyes!) I laughed a lot for the misplaced use of "sharwita" (In Moroccan dialect, it means a sheet of used & dirty cloth or apparel) & the attitude of the 2 Moroccan sisters.

Other topics was treated by the 2 "special Morocco" episodes such as the naive nostalgia of some in Arabophone world to reconquest the Andalus in a way that it could be considered as against Arabs & Muslims if makers weren't Kuwaitis. Personnally, I appreciated the way it mocked the behavours of some Khalijis which make them rich dumbs in the eyes & mind of people abroad. Needless to say that conceptors didn't pay any attention for details of cities or behavours of Moroccans.

So, I think clichés from both people of Gulf & Morocco & other Arabophone world the opportunism of some are the main problem. Maybe it's time to sit and discuss. I wish other bloggers from Gulf and Arabophone world join to it and to talk about this topic.

Waiting for what? Let's go!

Last thing: Here are videos of incriminated episodes. I let you judge by yourselves.

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