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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Me & TV

Recently, my relation with TV set became as cold as ice. For about half a year, the digital satellite receiver is broken down and there is no will to repair it on the ground that my brothers will neglect their studies. A stupid pretext for me as there's Internet to substitute.

In fact, what I used to watch before and now? Personally, I prefer to watch serious programs which is related to news, nature, society, history and culture. That's why I prefer watching the French-German channel Arte. From time to time, I follow news through Euronews in order to avoid to be news addict. Imagine staying the whole weekend watching Al Jazeera or BBC News, welcome troubles! I won't talk about French channels that many Moroccans are battling against Canal+ by pirating cards as the last channels available disappeared. If their entertaining programs and some investigation ones are interesting, the way they are talking to watchers is like they are treating us like minors, especially with TF1 and M6. That's why I hate Star Academy and some reality shows.

Now, I feel obliged to watch 2 public channels and what they broadcast to us. I won't be hypocrite as I avoid as possible to miss CSI, Desperate Houswives, Prison Break and Co. But I became fed up when the first and the second channel battling in entertainment, cooking and other programs. Also, the news as I knew in 2M before disappeared and became worse than of the 1st channel. I won't talk about advertising which became the main program and not just to fill broadcasting schedule's blank. So, I decided to watch the few channels streaming on the net although it's not enough terrific...waiting and hoping that the receiver will be repaired. Otherwise, I'll feel like someone whose brain had neurones shortage and out of date.

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