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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Explosions d'Alger depuis Dailymotion & YouTube-Algiers explosions from Dailymotion & YouTube-DailymotionとからYouTubeアルジャーの爆発【ばくはつ】

Comment le journalisme citoyen en Algérie a réagi par rapport aux explosions du 11 décembre ? Exemples par ces vidéos transmis par des algériens sur YouTube et Dailymotion.

How the citizen journalism in Algeria reacted toward December 11th bombings? Here are videos uploaded by Algerians on YouTube and Dailymotion


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momo said...

Tragedic. Please stop killing people and yourself because that only reinforces people's misunderstanding and 'anti-Islam' emotion. Or is that the true purpose?

Medmouad said...

The aim of this topic is how Algerian nrt users reacted toward these bombings. I appreciated that people reacted more quickly than other formal medias.
I'm very sad to say that the mess came back again after a short trieve. I find no word to comment on that.